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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Instructions for your first (36 hour) Fast

* On a weeknight of your choice, consume a vegetarian meal as your final meal. Popcorn is a good final snack to have before the fast. Consuming meat or dairy as the final meal will complicate the fasting process due to the high content of protein and possibly dangerous substances like sodium nitrate. Note, your first fast should occur on a non-work day as you will likely not feel so well.

* For the entire next day, from sunset to bedtime, consume only freshly squeezed (non bottled) juice, along with the substances listed below (see labels for correct amounts to consume). Drink a big glass of (1 Tbsp) Psyllium with (1 Tbsp) Bentonite Clay and water, and an hour later take any other herbs that are part of your fast. Taking them together is less effective since one removes the other. You will feel hungry and may eat out of habit so be careful. Getting to sleep that night can be tricky.

* On the morning after your first full day without food, enjoy a healthy vegetarian "break" fast. Again, you may be surprised to find that by the 36 hour point you are no longer hungry and you will have increased energy. For this reason you may decide to go longer periods as you gain experience with fasting.

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