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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Probiotics - Health Benefits

Probiotics are bacteria that are found naturally in the digestive systems of human beings. They have positive effects on health as they improve the functions of the gastrointestinal tract. Probiotics affect, among other things, the body’s ability to extract nutrition and protect against infections. In the Western World, the amounts of ‘good’ bacteria have diminished due to changes in diet and life styles leading to an increase risk of infection and other negative medicinal effects.

Some of the suggested effects of probiotic supplementation that have been observed include:

– Increased nutritional value (better digestibility,
increased absorption of minerals and vitamins)
– Promotion of intestinal lactose digestion
– Positive influence on the intestinal microflora
(antibiotics or radiation included colitis)
– Prevention of intestinal tract infections
– Regulation of gut motility
– Positive influence on gastrointestinal disorders
– Improvement of the immune system
– Prevention of arteriosclerosis by reduction of serum cholesterol
– Prevention of osteoporosis
– Improved well-being


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Andrea Martone said...

There is a great read on probiotics (The Probiotic Miracle) by Jon Barron, a worldwide nutraceutical researcher. He thoroughly addresses how probiotics aid proper digestion, nutrient absorption, and immunity by placing beneficial bacteria into the digestive system. Check it out.