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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Coca-Cola to use stevia in Nestea and Sprite in France

Coca-Cola France has announced that it will use the stevia-based sweetener Truvia in Nestea and Sprite, with first consumer sales expected imminently. 
The formulation change is said to reduce calories and sugar content by 30%.
France approved stevia as an ingredient in 2009, ahead of the EU’s approval late in 2011. Coca-Cola France announced its use of a stevia-based sweetener in December 2009 with the reformulation of Fanta Still.
While Coca-Cola has used Truvia in over 30 products in seven countries over the past three years, its use has mostly been restricted to line extensions and to smaller brands. This announcement marks the company’s first use of the sweetener in its headline brands in a major market.
Coca-Cola could not confirm its plans for wider use of Truvia. The company also said that the introduction of Truvia-formulated products in France was not a reaction to the tax on sugared beverages there, claiming that the new products responded to consumer demand,
Truvia was jointly developed by Coca-Cola and Cargill, with approval being given by the FDA in 2008.

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