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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Coromega Omega-3 Supplement, Orange Flavor, Squeeze Packets, 30-Count Box

Daily dose squeeze packets. A delicious pudding-like alternative to capsules! Coromega provides superior bioavailability. In clinical study, the Omega-3 in Coromega was shown to enter the bloodstream faster at three times the levels of a fish oil product in softgel form

Each packet of Coromega delivers the daily intake levels of Omega-3 EPA and DHA recommended by experts for adults and children. As Pure As It Is Delicious: Coromega contains premium quality fish oil from deep, cold-water fish; molecular distillation assures product purity.
  • Heart, brain & eye health. 
  • Healthy Triglyceride levels. 
  • Joint health & mobility. 
  • Healthy nutrition for children over 4. 
4 Great Ways to Enjoy Coromega: 
  1. Squeeze directly into mouth! 
  2. Squeeze onto spoon! 
  3. Add to your favorite yogurt! 
  4. Mix with your favorite blended drink! 
Colored with Beta Carotene. No sugar or artificial sweeteners. No dairy, yeast, starch, wheat or gluten. NSF Tested and Certified. EPAX Molecularly and Distilled for Purity.

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