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Monday, September 8, 2014

Raspberry Ketone: Fat-Burner in a Bottle

  • Raspberry ketone is a chemical from red raspberries (Rubus idaeus). It is most commonly used for weight loss and obesity. It is also used to increase lean body mass. Some people apply raspberry ketone to the scalp to improve hair growth.
  • Raspberry ketone is also used in foods, cosmetics, and other manufacturing as a fragrance or flavoring agent.
  • Raspberry ketone became popular for weight loss after it was mentioned on the Dr. Oz television show during the segment called “Raspberry ketone: Miracle fat-burner in a bottle” in February 2012. Even though it is touted as a “miracle” for weight loss, there is no reliable scientific evidence that it works for improving weight loss.

A dietary supplement containing compounds from red raspberries has become nearly impossible to find in stores since Dr. Mehmet Oz proclaimed it a fat-buster and "The No. 1 Miracle in a Bottle" on his television show.

"I never understood how powerful it could be," Oz told his studio and television audience in comments that some nutritionists have attacked as hype, unsupported by any human studies.

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The raspberry ketones that give the characteristic raspberry aroma and flavor to soft drinks, puddings and ice creams, also can melt away the pounds, according to Lisa Lynn, a personal trainer and fitness expert who promoted them on an episode of "The Dr. Oz Show" that aired in early February and re-ran last week.

Lynn, who sells her own line of LynFit Nutrition supplements (one of which contains raspberry ketones) described the compounds as "very healthy" with "no side effects" and said she's seen them produce results in her clients in as few as five days. The pills enable the body to "burn fat easier."

That was enough to send TV viewers running to local health food stores in search of a bottle. But many found empty shelves. The General Nutrition Center (GNC) store in the busy Santa Monica Place shopping center in California was holding its last bottle Sunday for a customer, which disappointed an environmental consultant who came up empty-handed after searching at several health and nutrition stores, which typically sell the pills for about $12 to $20 a bottle, depending on quantity and dosage.

Supplement makers haven't been able to keep up with demand generated by "The Dr. Oz Show." Bottles were "flying off the shelf" in Augusta, Kan., according to a pharmacist-written item in the Augusta Gazette. In Canada, The Star reported a run on the capsules in the Toronto area. Television stations have reported on local scrambles to find a bottle.

The TV buzz about raspberry ketones brought new players into the marketplace. Pure Health of Austin, Texas, on March 21 announced the launch of its "100 percent pure Red Raspberry Ketone capsule supplement," with the phrase "as seen recently on a major national TV show." Golden Essence Skincare of St. Petersburg, Fla., on March 31 announced the launch of its Raspberry Ketone Diet Body Lotion "to help burn fat without the need for pills," although no studies have been done on topical use.

The compound from the red raspberry (Rubus ideaus) stimulates the release of norepinephrine, a powerful brain-signaling hormone, which in turn causes fat cells to break down. The breakdown of fat cells produces fatty acids that the liver then converts into ketones. Because the release of norepinephrine is associated with increased heart rate and blood pressure, some of the more than 1,400 comments posted on the Dr. Oz show website included questions about whether the supplement might pose any risks for people with underlying cardiac conditions.

Manufacturers of raspberry ketones note that they are among dietary ingredients that the FDA characterizes as generally recognized as safe (GRAS). Tamara Ward, an FDA spokeswoman, did not return a call Wednesday requesting comment.

If raspberry ketones don't end up melting away the pounds, they may work other miracles on the hair and skin.

Raspberry ketone applied to the scalp and facial skin for five months grew hair on half of a small group of bald people, Japanese researchers reported in 2008. They also found that after just two weeks, topical raspberry ketone improved skin elasticity in the cheeks of five women.


Raspberry ketone
Raspberry ketone refers to the aroma compound of fresh raspberries. 

It is used in both the food and cosmetics industries for a fruity scent and flavour.
Approximately one kilogram of the fresh fruit is required to produce just 1-4mg of pure raspberry ketone. This makes it one of the most expensive natural food flavourings, at around $20,000 a kilogram.

Though raspberry ketone has been on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) safe list since 1965, it has only been marketed as a weight-loss supplement since 2004 after a study in Japan found it prevented weight increases in mice on a high-fat diet.
No similar studies have been conducted on humans, and critics believe one would need to consume huge quantities of the product to see the same kind of results as the study with mice.

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Each 2 capsule serving of Pure Health’s Green Coffee Bean Extract contains 800 mg of Green Coffee Bean Extract, standardized to contain 45% total chlorogenic acids.
Each 2 capsule serving of Pure Raspberry Ketone contains 800 mg of pure raspberry ketone powder.
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Green Coffee Bean Extract:
The Chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean may support healthy weight management by supporting increasing body heat, thus promoting thermogenesis, the natural burning of fat for energy.
Chlorogenic acid does not appear to be absorbed by the small intestine and has been shown to not be detected in plasma after ingestion.  It is believed that Chlorogenic acid can bind to certain compounds and may hinder the absorption of dietary fat.  The results are consistent with human and animal studies and suggest Green Coffee Beans may be an effective tool for weight management and may help to reduce weight in pre-obese adults.
What other Benefits Does Green Coffee Provide?
Overall Health - Green Coffee Beans contain many polyphenols function as antioxidants and a free radical fighter.
Cardiovascular Health - Green Coffee Beans have high homocysteine concentrations. Chlorogenic acid has been shown to support in the decrease of total plasma homocysteine levels in those who ingested Chlorogenic acid during clinical trials.
Green Coffee Bean is believed to support healthy blood pressure levels.
Healthy Blood Sugar Levels-Chlorogenic acid from green coffee beans is believed to help support healthy blood sugar levels.
Raspberry Ketone:
Raspberry ketones have long been admired for their ability to assist the body with detoxification.  They are also believed to support digestion by stimulating the body’s digestive process, supplying vital enzymes that support healthy digestion.   This characteristic is believed to aid appetite management.
Red Raspberry Ketones are thought to work by supporting Lipolysis and Thermogenesis.  Lypolysis is the process where fat stored in the body is broken down into simpler compounds such as free fatty acids and glycerol, and supports energy production. Thermogenesis is the body's process of burning fat by producing heat to oxidize fat.  
These two processes combine to work as a team to support healthy weight goals.*

*Supplements are foods, not drugs. The statements made above have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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